Course Coordinator’s Guidelines for Pre-conference Courses

  1. 48th IPS National Conference registration is mandatory for the course Chief mentor & co-mentors.
  2. The course mentors & co-mentors have to apply online on the website with the registered mobile number.
  3. One Chief mentor and 3 Co-mentors can conduct one Pre-conference course.(Maximum 4 Faculty)
  4. CV of Course mentors with abstract (300 words), contact details, email id, address, photographs and duration of course should be provided.
  5. No remuneration will be provided by the organizers.
  6. The pre-conference course will be conducted online and the requirements for conduction will be conveyed and demonstrated with a training session for the mentors.
  7. PCCs with live demonstrations of procedures and techniques will be given preference.
  8. Maximum time allotted for PCC will be 4 hours.
  9. The organizing committee shall not take the responsibility in registering the delegates to preconference course.
  10. The paid conference courses are selected only on invite by the organizing committee.
  11. The decision of the scientific committee shall be final and binding in all situations.
  12. Last date of submission of entries will be 15th September 2020. The selected course mentors will be informed personally by the committee.